My name is Ian, and I have many interests.  I game.  I cook.  I lift weights.  I write music.  I drink.  I brew.  I drink some more.  I also blog about a lot of those interests, here.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you find something on here that interests you, too.

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  1. Hey Ian,
    We just started playing Loadout on Steam and its our new go to game of the night. Great job creating such a fun, ridiculous shooter. Sorry, I was looking for an official Edge of Realty email to use but couldn’t find it.

    Any way, I host theMulticast podcast on BiasBear.com. I would love to have a chat with a member(s) of the team about Loadout and EoR games. Our show is much less of an interview and just a fun conversation. If available let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hey Bobby,

      I’m glad to hear y’all are enjoying your time with Loadout. I’m actually at a different company now so you’re probably better off talking to somebody else that’s still with Edge. Try contacting Arctyc via Twitter. He’s the game’s community manager, and is the go to guy for this sort of thing.


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